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Maria Lopez Sleep Consultant

We all cherish the moment our children go to sleep: the peace, the silence, the quality time. You realize how much energy it takes to be a parent, and how important a few minutes to yourself and/or your partner means to the both of you.

When I became a mom for the first time, I realized the importance of a good night sleep for me, my husband and baby. Immediately, I developed a passion about children’s sleep. Teaching my baby to sleep improved our lives immensely. We weren’t exhausted anymore; we had plenty of energy to enjoy our little one and each other. I knew I wanted to help others, and shortly after our second child, Not A Peep was born.

What people are saying

Lucía Pacheco,
Bogota, Colombia
I started working with Maria Clara when my baby was 10 days olds. She guided us to teaching Lucia healthy sleep habits. It was my best investment. We haven’t been sleep deprived at all…
Carla Arzunduaga Sheppard, Philadelphia, PA
I cannot say enough great things about Maria!! When we met María, the sleep deprivation was so real we didn’t know what else to do. Maria was amazing, her plan and follow ups helped us stick…
Andrea Piragua
Mexico City, Mexico
Desde que nació mi hija pensé mejoraría su sueño haciendo lo que todos nos decían, al ver que empeoraba simplemente dijimos “jamás volveremos a dormir”, esto cambió 100% …