For expecting parents and babies up to 8 weeks old. 

If you’re expecting or have 
a baby up to 8 weeks old,
this program is for you!

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This program will teach you about newborn sleep, how to start healthy sleep habits from day one and avoid sleep issues down the road.


  • 1 hour private consultation (home visit or videochat).
  • A detailed sleep plan designed specifically for your family and your baby.
  • Unlimited text and e-mail support until your baby turns 4 months old.

During our private consultation, I will teach you all you need to know about newborn sleep, safe sleep, schedules, and routines. I will put together a sleep plan that will help you shape your newborn’s sleep and establish healthy sleep habits. 



Your detailed sleep plan will be ready within 48 hours after our consultation.

Followup support includes unlimited text message and e-mails, and 4 followup phone calls that can be used at your convenience until your baby turns 4 months old.



E-mails, text messages and phone calls are answered M-F 9am – 6pm, Saturdays 10am – 1pm. Sundays are my family days and I don’t reply unless I consider it an emergency.

*An additional travel fee of $100 applies to all in-home consultations.