Daylight Savings: Survival Guide

Daylight Savings Babies

It’s that time of the year again. If you’re wondering how on Earth you’ll survive, there’s no need to panic. While it’s true that daylight savings can disrupt your child’s sleep, springing forward is an easier transition than falling back.

Here’s your guide to survive:

  • Do a lot of things outside with your baby and older children. Being in the sunlight will help them sync their circadian rhythm to the new schedule.
  • Prepare your child’s bedroom for early sunrises and late sunsets. Get blackouts to avoid nap time and bedtime trouble.
  • For little ones who are early risers: Don’t change a thing! Your child will now wake up one hour later. You’ll be able to continue with this schedule when time falls back.
  • For little ones who transition well: Wake up on Sunday like nothing has happened, and keep naps and bedtime at the same time on the clock. Easy!
  • For little ones who are sensitive to change: move their schedules by 15 minutes every day. Make sure the routine stays the same, where the same things happen in the same order during the day. Keep your bedtime ritual intact.

Remember to enjoy the season with your child. Spring and summer are a great opportunity to bond with her. Go to the park, take her for a hike, and sleep well!

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