What an amazing service Maria offers! I think any parent can benefit. We worked with Maria to help our eight-month-old establish a sleep schedule. Within days, our daughter was sleeping through the night and following a nap schedule. Maria's customized plan is truly a miracle - our child now sleeps through the night (without needing a bottle to go to sleep) and so do we. Working with Maria has been, undoubtedly, one of the best decisions we've made as new parents and we plan to use her again as our daughter grows. She's accommodating, thoughtful and supportive.

Jaime Kelly

Philadelphia, PA

I met Maria at a sleep class at PlayArts. She was extremely understanding, helpful and informative. I left the class with a renewed sense of hope about sleep! Since then, we've worked to implement the tools she gave us and have had great success! She continues to check in and help guide us through this process and help us feel confident along the way!

Jessica Rosman Rubin

Philadelphia, PA

Maria gave me great advice after our 5 month old daughter went from sleeping through the night while on vacation to waking up 3x per night once we got back home. After a four nights of doing what she suggested she went from 3x per night back to sleeping through the night again!! I would definitely recommend her!

Alexis Rich Chami

Philadelphia, PA

I first met Maria at a sleep class at PlayArts. She offered a great deal of advice for everyone at the group, which spanned from expecting moms to parents of school aged children. My son has been struggling with naps and Maria has been extremely supportive. We’ve been in contact for a few weeks now, and she continues to check in on our progress and offers new advice and suggestions ! I highly recommend her!!!

Samantha Pessinski

Philadelphia, PA

Maria’s sleep training workshop changed my life, no exaggeration... literally changed my life. For every mom out there who is reluctant to do sleep training bc they are feeling overwhelmed, frightened, guilty and/or all of the above- There is hope!! My infant was 6 months old and using me as a human pacifier up ALL night, she was cranky and I was exhausted, no one was winning, days or nights. After taking Maria’s professional advice she now sleeps 7PM-7AM. Maria is compassionate and caring but I also genuinely appreciated her no nonsense approach on the reality of sleep training. 

Allison Grace Exley

Philadelphia, PA

I reached out to Maria about my 13 month old waking up 1-3 times a night. She gave me simple advice via messenger: give her a few minutes to soothe herself and she just might surprise you and go back to sleep. It worked. All it took was a minute or two. Life changer. Wish I would have done this sooner!

Amanda Jean-Barth

Philadelphia, PA

We are very happy working with Maria, she always makes herself available when we need her advice. She is also very understanding of our needs and the way we decide to move forward with the sleep training. Our 2 year old has made so much progress since she started coaching us, and her recomendations to start working on our newborn have been very helpful as well.
She has definitely made an impact in our (and the kids) quality of life. We strongly recommend her!!!

Ana Beckmann

Philadelphia, PA

Maria is excellent! She listened to our problem which was our 4 year old needing someone present at night to go to sleep. Sometimes he would require both parents laying next to him to fall asleep! She suggested a simple, yet very effective solution that has been working perfectly ever since! She also has followed up to see if need any extra advice to help fix the problem. We are so happy with the results! Such a game changer for our evenings! Thank you so much, Maria!

Jennifer Weis

Philadelphia, PA

"I cannot say enough about the support and comfort Maria provided for us during the newborn stage and beyond. She helped prepare us for sleep training before our son arrived and we went into it feeling confident and supported. Even during those difficult stages, she was always available to answer any questions we had, no matter how crazy, and assure us that we were doing the right thing. We are proud to say our baby boy slept through the night by 7 weeks and Maria has a lot to do with that!"

Lauren Martinez

Clinton, CT

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