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Sleep Hacks

My Favorite Sleep Hacks

I love sleep hacks! These are products that help kids sleep better, without your help. Here’s a list of what I love: Swaddles. I love …

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Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids Without Losing Sleep

It’s that time of the year! Beach, sun, family time… but not everything is fun and games. Avoiding a sleep regression while traveling is the …

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Say Yes to Sleep

Say Yes To Sleep!

I have super powers… in the sleep area, that is. I’m terrible at remembering names, keeping track of groceries at home, and can’t run ten …

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Baby Sleep Troubles

Having Sleep Troubles? Here’s Why!

You put baby sound asleep in his crib and do the victory dance as you walk away, only to hear her wake up 10 minutes …

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Daylight Savings Babies

Daylight Savings: Survival Guide

It’s that time of the year again. If you’re wondering how on Earth you’ll survive, there’s no need to panic. While it’s true that daylight …

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Sleep Regressions: A Troubleshooting Guide.

My family recently fell victim to a sleep regression. The irony: I’m a sleep coach. The good news: It happens to everyone, and there’s a …

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