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"Sleep training". I don't like the term. It sounds like we're making our kids do something they don't want to, like we're forcing them to sleep. I prefer the term "sleep support". We're teaching them a skill they yet don't have. Just like we teach them to use the potty and dress themselves, they also need to learn to put themselves to sleep. 

While some people frown upon the idea, here are some reasons why sleep training is good for your child and you:

  • Children need sleep to grow. In fact, it's how they do most of their growing. And just like adults, good sleep helps healing and improves their immune system.

  • Lack of sleep in parents increases the risk of depression, and in new moms, the risk of postpartum depression. It also puts a strain in relationships between couples. 

  • The amount of sleep your child gets sets the tone for the rest of the day (and the following day). It's a snowball. A tired kid is a cranky kid. Try to put an overtired kid who hasn't had a na...

Dear parent,

Take a deep breath. Get yourself a glass of wine (or a nap). There is light at the end of the tunnel. Someone who understands and can help. There is a solution. 

I could write for days about my qualifications, my experience with the many families I've helped and my strategies. But the truth is this: The most important piece of me, is being a mom. When I'm not helping other families, I'm chasing after my kids. I'm wiping tears, and cleaning messes, and poop, and laundry... and that's it. If you're reading this, chances are you're a parent too. And you're tired. You're on your 10th diaper of the day. Or second change of clothes. Or baby's cat nap #88 of the day. I understand. 

If I'm lucky enough to work with your family, you'll learn that I'm not just about the strategies, or the sleep plans. I'm all about connecting. Understanding what you and your little one need. It's what makes Not A Peep a reality, and what helps me succeed in helping you.

Hang in there, dear parent....

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